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Presently it is the most widely used technique for noninvasive fat reduction. It also has the most scientific evidence to back its efficacy,” Dr. Cox says. “Coolsculpting will broaden Allergan's menu for fat reduction options, and compliments their Kybella product. For example, I often debulk submental fat with the CoolMini, and then do final contouring with Kybella.” CoolSculpting also offers contouring to many areas that would be impractical to do with Kybella, Dr. Cox says. “The coolsculpting what does it cost body contouring industry is a several billion dollar industry, Allergan wants to be on the forefront of this trend,” she says. Plastic surgeon Jason Pozner, MD, who offers CoolSculpting at this Boca Raton, Fla., practice, says Zeltiq has excellent technology and a very effective salesforce. “It will be good acquisition for Allergan but they need to keep the lean approach that Zeltiq has and not put too many layers in place [and keep the] lean corporate, hands-on approach,” says Dr. Pozner. RealSelf CEO Tom Seery says Allergan’s acquisition of Zeltiq helps to confirm soaring demand for minimally invasive cosmetic procedures he noted recently in Cosmetic Surgery Times . “… the acquisition is proof that the energy device market is red-hot with companies and consumers, alike. Allergan gets both a road-tested technology in CoolSculpting (it maintains an 83% RealSelf Worth It Rating ) and a budding consumer brand that attracts new patients into practices and may, in fact, be expanding the overall aesthetics market,” Seery tells Dermatology Times. On a year-on-year basis, consumer interest in CoolSculpting on RealSelf is up 28%, which Seery says is quite remarkable given the time the device has been on the market. “The challenge for Allergan will be the same Zeltiq has faced: ensuring CoolSculpting marketing claims on fat reduction don't [overstate] what the technology can deliver.

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Coolsculpting What Happens To Fat?

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